How To Use Handwriting in KineMaster Pro Video Editor

KineMaster Pro Video Editor does more than just edit videos. Additionally, you get the option to draw on top of your videos as layers. As well as choosing colors, KineMaster pro allows you to add animations to your doodle.

What is Handwriting in KineMaster?

Handwriting in KineMaster mod is the ability to create handwritten notes, drawings and signatures. Once you’ve written them they can be copied into other apps for sharing with friends or attaching to emails, texts or photos.

The main goal of the handwriting program is to draw attention to a certain region, usually with arrows. You may use KineMaster additional capabilities such as Animations to produce a dynamic moving pointers with the writing tool.

KineMaster offers many different brushes. There are 5 brushes, and there are different shapes for each one. You can use them to highlight areas in the video. The options include Square, Stroke Square, Cross etc. You can also change the size of any brush including the eraser brush

How to use Handwriting in KineMaster?

To use Handwriting in KineMaster Pro Video Editor, follow the steps outlined below.

1. Tap and hold on the screen to bring up the brush selector and choose a particular brush you like.

2. Using your finger, pull the tip of the pen at bottom of the screen upwards or downwards to change its height.

3. Use two fingers to move the marker around on the screen for precision

4. Dragging small circles on the screen with the tip of your finger will change the size of the marker.

Handwriting Tool in Kinemaster

5. Use two fingers to rotate marker on screen for precision

6. You can adjust transparency (opacity) of any brush type using left and right buttons below the center of display

7. Once you’ve chosen all options, pick up your finger from the start of the screen and move it to the end of the screen.

8. You can also undo or redo any changes made in process by clicking on respective buttons at the top right corner of KineMaster’s display

9. After you are done with your drawing, tap on “Save” button situated at the bottom center of KineMaster’s display.

10. Once you have saved your drawing, you can use other functions such as adding a text to the image etc.11. If you want to undo/redo any action, go to menu button and there tap on “Undo” or “Redo”.

12. You can also share your saved images from screen that appears by tapping on “share” button.

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FAQ About Kinemaster Pro HandWriting:

Here All some faq of kinemaster pro handwriting which you can read

Where do I find Handwriting?

Open any project then tap + > Tools > Handwriting. Here you’ll find a virtual pen, an eraser and the option to change your brush size.

What can I use Handwriting for?

Handwriting works well as annotations, adding arrows and shapes as well as signing digital documents. You can also insert your hand-written notes into any other app using KineMaster’s “share” feature.

What devices support Handwriting?

Any device running OS 4.0 and above with a touch-screen is compatible, but it works best on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or better. We’ve tested handwriting extensively (including the cameras that come with tablets) and it works great for us!


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