How to Export 4K 60 FPS Videos in Kinemaster

Kinemaster comes to mind as one of the best video editors on mobile. Kinemaster handles video editing on Android and iOS smartphones with ease. Kinemaster is comparable to Adobe Premiere Pro for mobile, but there’s a whole lot more.

The resolution of Kinemaster videos can reach up to 4K, depending on your configuration. A video’s settings are decided when you export it. For instance, the video’s resolution, frame rate, and bitrate are chosen from the popup menu. You will be able to ship more high-quality videos if you select a higher-quality setting.

The export settings in Kinemaster are not 4k high resolution and 60 frames per second for some users, but these settings do not appear in the smartphone. This guide will help you solve this problem, so you can start enjoying a 4K video with 60 frames per second in Kinemaster.

Enable 4K video resolution in Kinemaster

Kinemaster apps make sure your phone has 4k video support through an analysis of your phone and configuration. Two modes make up Kinemaster: Layer mode and High-Resolution mode. Your Kinemaster app’s Layer mode can increase your editing capabilities, but it will also limit the resolution of the videos you can export.

In addition to that, high-resolution mode enables the export of video at a high resolution and frame rate, although it must be noted that there will be fewer video layers.

Layer mode is the default setting for the Kinemaster app. Then change High Resolution to “No Frame Shaping”, and you may no longer have problems with 4k output.

Here is how Kinemaster works with high-resolution options –

  1. Install Kinemaster first on your app store of choice.
  2. Open Kinemaster Settings by clicking the Setting icon (gear icon).
  3. Device Compatibility Information can be found under Information.
  4. On the top-right corner of the screen, click the menu button.
  5. There’s an HD mode option here. A default will be Layer mode. Choose High Resolution from the drop-down menu. That’s it.

If you unlock the option in Kinemaster, you should find that you can export in 4K with 60 fps settings after that.

Check your phone compatibility.

Your phone might not be compatible with Kinemaster to support 4k videos if you cannot export your video in 4k resolution. With Kinemaster, you can check your device’s compatibility as well as run manual analyses. The step-by-step process is as follows –

  1. On your Android phone, open the Kinemaster app.
  2. A new setting gear icon will appear.
  3. Click Device Capability Info.
  4. The maximum export quality quota can be found here in the Edit & Share box of the Kinemaster app for your smartphone.
  5. The analysis can be rerun. To run the studies, all you have to do is click the three-dot menu button. Getting the analysis completed successfully would take time.

The results can be viewed in the Edit & Share box once the process has been completed. If your phone can display 2160p videos, then it works fine with Kinemaster, otherwise not.

You cannot edit 4k video on a phone that does not support 4k exporting. It is possible to try transferring your project to another Android phone that is compatible with 4k video exporting.

Precise cached data of the Kinemaster app

Sometimes Kinemaster has problems exporting movies in 4k because of internal glitches. Clearing the cache in Kinemaster is the easiest way to fix that. It’s pretty easy to do that –

  1. Your Android settings app will now appear.
  2. Go to Apps.
  3. Find and open Kinemaster.
  4. Go to Storage.
  5. Now tap the Clear Data button.
  6. Click OK to confirm that.

Run a device compatibility analysis after clearing the Kinemaster app’s cache. When your precise cached data, it will make all your saved settings and downloaded files no longer available but doesn’t affect your saved projects in any way.

Update the Kinemaster app

Your Kinemaster app might not be compatible with 4k resolution because you need an older version. The Kinemaster app should be updated on your phone if that’s the case. If you can’t get it fixed using the app store, just download it again.

In addition, if you are experiencing issues running Kinemaster, think about deleting the cached app data and rerunning the app’s device compatibility analysis.

Export 4k 60 fps videos in Kinemaster

Here is a step-by-step guide for exporting your project in 4k video quality at 60 frames per second –

  1. On your device, open the Kinemaster app.
  2. You can export a project by clicking on it.
  3. You should now be at the Export & Share window since you tapped the Share button.
  4. Select UHD 2160p under resolution. Slide the bit rate slider to the right-most position and choose a frame rate of 60.
  5. You can click the Export button when your export settings are set. That’s it.

in last, the Kinemaster app has been fixed to export 4K videos.

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