Kinemaster Video Export Problem Fixed: 6 Ways

Kinemaster is a simple video editing app that is hugely popular among mobile users. This application lets you edit videos from essential to professional levels on your smartphone. Android and iPhone smartphones can use the app.

The export of edited videos in Kinemaster mod is problematic for some users. A sudden error message appears as Kinemaster exports, and the rendering process is stopped. It can be frustrating for everyone since a project requires a lot of effort. You will continue to see the same error no matter how many times you attempt it.

Fix: Kinemaster Video Export Problem

This step will also help you resolve any issue you may have faced while using Kinemaster to export your video. I have listed here various ways of removing the video from the Kinemaster application so that you can get a working video with no problems.

Clear background running apps

Your phone needs to be cleared of any running apps. Your phone’s video decoder might be used by another app preventing Kinemaster from processing your video. A problem exporting from Kinemaster is usually caused by an error like this.

For this reason, you must clear up the recent apps tab to stop apps from running in the background. Right-click on the Recent apps button on your screen. After that, tap the Close All button to exit all background apps.

You can now retry exporting your video by opening the Kinemaster application. The export problem may be fixed by doing this. Whenever you get this problem in the future, you only have to follow this solution. You will encounter the export problem in Kinemaster when you open another app and use the video decoder.

Export video in lower resolution

Your smartphone sometimes cannot export the selected resolution of the video you have chosen. Kinemaster app may also display export errors if this is the case while rendering your video. Try to export your video to a lower resolution if you cannot fix it.

Let’s say you chose QHD 1440p earlier and want to switch to 4k. If the 1440p QHD resolution doesn’t work, you can go with resolution HD 1080p or lower. A video can be exported up to 4K resolution when using Kinemaster, but this depends on the phone’s capabilities. The Kinemaster app can’t ship your clip to the appropriate resolution if your phone lacks the required features.

Force stop Kinemaster and restart

It’s also possible that you need to stop Kinemaster and then start the app again if the problem continues after trying these methods. There might be issues with the Kinemaster that are preventing the video from being exported. If you force stop the app, then this problem can be fixed.

You can find Kinemaster in the Applications tab of Settings after opening Apps. The “Force stop” option will appear once you open the program. Simply tap on it. Your phone will stop running KineMaster if you do this. Export your video again. Now you might have to reopen it. You won’t notice any errors if this method worked. That’s it.

Restart your phone

Most problems on your phone can be fixed simply by restarting the system. In this particular case, it pauses and forces stop the Kinemaster simultaneously by clearing the app from the background. The program thus performs the function of the first and third methods. If this works for you, try this trick. Isn’t this amazing? It helps to restart your phone if your problem is solved without doing any technical work.

Clear Kinemaster cached data

An internal error might be causing export crashes on your phone generated by Kinemaster’s app. By clearing the app’s cache, you can reset the Kinemaster app. To open Kinemaster on your Android phone, go to Settings and then to Apps. To clear data, click the Clear Data button in the app info screen. Click OK to continue once you have confirmed your action.

When the Kinemaster has been closed, reopen it. During the opening of Kinemaster, Kinemaster will act as if it has never been used before. Access to storage permission must be permitted. Previously saved projects will not be affected. Now that the video has been exported to Kinemaster again, hopefully, it will work this time.

Use a different version of Kinemaster.

Also, it is possible that your version of Kinemaster is not compatible with your smartphone at this time. The first step is to try to update your program as soon as you can. In addition to that, you should update the software on your phone. The Android and iOS app stores are available for you to edit Kinemaster.

You should try the older version if those versions don’t work either. You need to manually download Kinemaster‘s lower version from any third-party app store to install it. The APK file you need can be downloaded from various websites by searching that particular version of the app on Google.

Those are a couple of ways to fix video export problems via the Kinemaster app. The error message won’t appear when you use these methods. We have a tutorial below that will show you how to fix the “An error occurred while exporting. Please try again.

The codec was not initialized” error while trying to export the video. Have a good time! I’ve included the comment section in the post so you can post any questions you might have. We will continue to bring you exciting tutorials!

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